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There are many different types of UK bingo games that can be played online and in this part of the website we shall take a closer look at each one and let you know how they work and play.

Bingo Jackpot Games - These game offer players the chance of winning a large jackpot for getting a full house. The player has to cross off all their Bingo numbers on their Bingo ticket a certain number of Bingo numbers called or less to qualify for the jackpot payout.

Bingo Chat Games - Thesse type of online bingo games use the Bingo chat room and players take instructions from the online bingo chat room host and play for additional Bingo bonuses for hitting certain playing patterns.

75 Ball Bingo Games - This is a Bingo variant that uses 75 Bingo balls in play and the tickets are in a 5 x 5 number grid format.

80 Ball Bingo games - Much like the above Bingo game this uses a 4 x 4 Bingo grid format as a way to present each Bingo card and it uses 80 Bingo balls in play.

90 Ball Bingo - This Bingo game uses a 3 x 5 number row format on each Bingo ticket and there are 90 Bingo balls from one to ninety ion play in each Bingo game.

Free Play Bingo Games - This type of Bingo game is free of charge for Bingo players of each respective Bingo site, as the name suggests they are free to enter yet give you the chance of winning real money.

Bingo Slot Games - These are simply slot machines that can be found alongside the Bingo room and lets you play a range of slots for free or for real money as you are playing Bingo.

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